My Story, Background & Inspirations

Hello I'm Nicola....

People often ask me how I came to be a psychologist. The truth is, I am entirely unsure how this happened myself! I grew up in a small town in Scotland, spending some years living in the middle east with my family when I was younger. My inspiration to become a psychologist came to me late on in my high school years when I saw many of my friends and family struggling with their own challenges and issues. I too of course struggled! Seeing and experiencing the different ways in which people coped with life challenges was inspiring. 

I studied my first Psychology degree at The University of Edinburgh and afterwords I gained my Doctorate Degree from The University of Glasgow.  My education was the platform from which my passion and drive to help others grew and continues to grow. Every day find myself  genuinely fascinated by human beings and I am incredibly privileged to have met some of the most awe inspiring people in my clinic room.

I believe that psychological care is a vocation and not just a business
— Dr Nicola McCaffrey

In 2008 I began my working life in Aberdeen in Scotland working as a Clinical Psychologist with the National Health Service (NHS). Along side this I started my own Psychology Practice. Working privately provided me the many different dimensions and challenges that I thrived on and ultimately learned a huge amount from. The variety of settings also meant I gained experience working with children, adolescents and adults of all abilities offering psychological assessment and treatment for a wide range of emotional, behavioural and psychological difficulties. 

After five years of both public and private practice in the UK my family life brought me to Norway where I have been running my own private practice since 2013, providing a range of psychological assessment and therapy services to the English speaking international community. 

The quality of our relationships, both with others and ourselves, determines the quality of our lives. I believe that connection and compassion can be transformative powers in all aspects of our lives.
— Dr. Nicola McCaffrey

Working and living as an expat myself I am particularly interested in finding solutions for the many challenges that can be faced whilst living abroad. This experience, as well as giving me the ability to empathise with my clients, gives me a real life understanding of the unique situations expats face.

I continue to be inspired through the works of some amazing people including Brene Brown, Andy Puddicombe, and Esther Perel. If you haven't heard of them already I urge you to go and pick up one of their books!

I am passionate about my work and the people I meet. I like taking the time to explain and discuss the complexities of the human condition in simple words. I enjoy helping people all over the world feel understood, confront their joys and their pains, and be a part of their motivation to change. I don’t believe in practicing from a distance, I bring my real self into the therapy room in an accessible and open way.  I am wholeheartedly invested in the people I work with and believe therapy works best when it’s a collaborative process. I strive to maintain the most engaging, effective and ethically sound practice possible. 

Thanks for reading my story. Now perhaps you can begin yours...


Therapy is for absolutely everyone because it is in fact entirely normal to have feelings and emotions, and even to feel overwhelmed and stressed. 

The benefits of therapy extend far beyond periods of crisis. As well as helping us to recover when we experience challenges in our lives, therapy can help you to become the happiest, most productive, most loving version of yourself. Because achieving your full potential requires an incredible amount of self-knowledge, self-control, and—let’s be honest—hard work, impressive results can be achieved even during a trauma free times. 


Ensuring you can find someone who has the right training and background to help you to overcome your challenges is essential. Finding a person who you also feel comfortable talking to is equally as important. As much as you are able, try not to let cost be a significant factor when it comes to choosing the right therapist. Have a look around at the different services available in your area and choose a Psychologist that you think will fit with your style and make you feel safe and heard.

Terminology in the therapy field can be confusing. There is considerable overlap between Clinical Psychologists, Counselling Psychologists, and Life Coaches. The main difference being their perspective, education and training. The fees that I set reflect my background, training and experience. 

As a Clinical Psychologist I attended University for seven years before qualifying. My training and education have taught me to work collaboratively with my clients, empowering them to make decisions for themselves to improve their sense of personal wellbeing. Clinical Psychologists work across a range of human problems including bereavement, relationships, mental health issues (e.g. anxiety, depression ) and other significant life events. With over ten years experience my insights come from real people and their real life expereinces. 

You are one of the most articulated, professional, and genuine people I have ever met. Thank you or your time and help
— Former Client