Fear of Flying

Would you like to visit friends or family who live abroad, or go on a holiday to a tropical destination but your fear of flying is holding you back? Let me help. Whether you just have a mild anxiety about flying, or you can't even look at an aircraft without feeling scared, my individually tailored workshops and therapy can help you to fly with confidence in the future. 

You Are Not Alone

About 30% of us find air travel anything from faintly disconcerting to unutterably terrifying. Air travel gives us space to visualise and rehearse our own fears and anxieties in a way that being on the ground does not. Up in the sky we feel our solitude, our vulnerability, our lack of control, and our reliance on machines more acutely than when we are lost in the hustle and bustle of our every day lives. Our fears when it comes to aviation can hold us back in so many arenas in our lives including family, friendships and even our careers. But it needn't be that way. By getting in touch today and booking on one of the courses I offer, or perhaps booking some individual therapy if you are looking for a more individual approach, you can start the process of change this very moment. 

Individual Therapy & Group Workshops

I currently offer either individual therapy for fear of flying or treatment as a group in the form of a workshop.